Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wedding Fonts

In the Summer 2007 New York Wedding Guide, Lisa Hoffman, the creator of Ceci New York, names the 'Ellida' as the most in demand wedding invitation font. According to Hoffman, the 'Ellida' has "that glamorous, over-the-top feel to it, so it could be used on a more modern invitation that wants a hint of embellishment, or it can be used on a classic invite. It has beautiful letter shapes and a nice free-flowing form, and the thick and thin strokes add a lot of character.”
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{photos from CeciNY}

We really love this font used sparingly like for the names of the bride & groom in these Ceci designs. However, be careful using fonts with so many swashes and flourishes- Faye and I still laugh about the wedding invitation she received where the font was so flowery that she actually had to call the mother of the bride to ask when and where the wedding would be! You can purchase the 'Ellida' font from for $49.
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{Top: CeciNY for Annie and Nick; Bottom: CeciNY for Lindsay and Ezra}

Surprisingly, the fonts used in Blueprint Magazine (a Martha Stewart publication) are also becoming popular for wedding stationery, especially the 'Fling' font ($39) used on the cover (top row, left & foreground, bottom row, left). Other fonts used in the magazine include Kursivschrift (foreground, bottom row, right) and Missionary (background, bottom row, left & right).
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{photos from Flickr}

If you aren't interested in paying for fonts, offers thousands of fonts that you can download for free, and many of them work for wedding stationery as well. One that I keep noticing is Fontleroy Brown, and its sister font, Little Lord Fontleroy. Here are some elegant wedding invitations using these fonts:
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{Top: CeciNY for Nicole and Benjamin; Bottom: Mantilla by Louella Press}

Martha also used this font on the packaging for these mini-pecan pie favors:
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{Left: photo from Martha Stewart Weddings; Right: Enjoy from us!}

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