Monday, June 25, 2007

Best Pup

I feel like a crazy woman, but my fiance and I wrote our little dog into the wedding ceremony and, although I am strongly against dressing him up in clothes like a little puppy tuxedo, I am all for a wreath of flowers around his neck. My favorite is the wax flower wreath on the top left and the top right photo you might recognize as the cover of our favorite wedding book, but all of these pictures make me smile:

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{photos from Brides except top right photo by Liz Banfield}

I sent the little pug picture to my florist, and when I spoke with her on the phone, she definitely talked to me in that "I think you are crazy, but I'll do it anyway" tone of voice- which is just fine with me as long as I see my little guy standing at the end of that aisle with a little wreath around his neck (of course the fiance is also important!)

And how cute to give out dog treats as wedding favors! If more of our guests had dogs, we would definitely have stolen this idea:
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{photo from Brides}


Laura said...

Aww this is just too cute. This post made me tear up a little because we love everything about our wedding venue, except the fact that they don't allow dogs. So we can't have our pup in our wedding :( We'll still use this floral wreath idea for her though, because we're going to have her in our engagement photos instead!!

Faye & Greer said...

Oh I seriously feel for you- I was so relieved when my venue said my dog could be in the wedding, he is just not allowed in any of the rooms of the inn. I'm sorry your dog will miss it, but that is such a cute idea to include him in the engagement photos- dogs are such a big part of your lives together!