Monday, October 15, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posting recently- Faye and I wanted to take an unofficial break from blogging to really focus on our personal projects. Unfortunately, neither of us is very good at multi-tasking, so we have decided to say farewell to our little project so that we can each have more time to devote to our new opportunities. We are so lucky to have had this little blog to remember how much fun we had during the wedding planning process and we wish all of you the best of luck with your own planning- thank you for letting us share with you!

Faye & Greer

Monday, September 24, 2007

Thank you Carla + Pete!

Thank you so much for sharing the amazing details of your wedding with us!
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{photo by Beth Beljon}

Carla + Pete: Flowers and Cake

From Carla Lane:
My only bouquet request was to "Make it big." Jennifer Katz of Fiore Designs created these lush bouquets with green roses, gardenias, white spray roses, scabiosa pods, preserved white hydrangeas, and feathers. The bridesmaids wore matching print dresses from BCBG.
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{photo by Beth Beljon}

The cake was inspired by a Jonathan Adler piece of pottery, and we used a tiny Adler vase filled with lisianthus as a topper. The fondant cake by Exquisite Desserts had a ribbed effect that mimicked the vase.
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{photo by Beth Beljon}

Friday, September 21, 2007

Carla + Pete: Ceremony, Cocktails, and Reception

More from Carla Lane:
It was so HOT the day of my wedding I provided parasols with a tag that said "stay cool baby it's hot outside" and we served lime smoothies in champagne glasses as they waited for the late bride.
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{photo by Beth Beljon}

I used white chivari chairs with black cushions for the ceremony (I hung simple green tassels on each chair down the aisle) and reception, then switched to black chivari chairs with white cushions for cocktail hour. It didn't add a lot of cost but it added a lot of style.

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{photo by Beth Beljon}

Cocktail Hour
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{photo by Beth Beljon}


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{photo by Beth Beljon}

For the reception, Cheree Berry used a different clip art design for each table (here you can see zebras, candelabras, parasols, bumblebees, and bicycles). We put it out on tablecloths I sewed for the cocktail hour and used black and white striped ribbon to hold them down, which matched my invites. On the escort-card table was a glass jar containing river rocks, dahlias, and succulents.
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{photo by Beth Beljon}

Check back later for flowers and the cake!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Carla + Pete: Jump Photos

We are so excited about the next few posts! Carla Lane is an extremely talented interior designer who, lucky for us, was also recently married. The pictures from her wedding at the Parker Palm Springs (also featured in Brides California) are equally as creative as her work, so we can't wait to share them all over the next few days.

Carla and Pete had a digital photo set up against a huge backdrop and the guests all jumped! Carla said that this series of photographs is "hands down the best pix from my wedding", and we can see why! In the first photo, the guy in the seersucker suit and matching seersucker Converse sneakers is Carla's brother and that's the same outfit all of the groomsmen wore. Carla's now husband, Pete, is a professional photographer, which she says can keep the costs down for setting up these "Jump" photos.
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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{photos by Roman Cho}
***please note***
The majority of Roman's work is in the commercial and entertainment field and his website reflects that. Since he does not shoot weddings on a
regular basis and does not advertise myself as such, the weddings he does
shoot tend to be of friends and acquaintances (such as Carla and
Pete's). Depending on what the bride and the groom are looking for, Roman says that "I can
shoot either in a very simple manner- photojournalist-like,
fly-on-the-wall, observer telling the story of the wedding or I bring
in my studio experience and build a complex studio-on-location and
capture high-quality photos with sophisticated lighting a la Carla's
photos. Please let your readers know that I am available for weddings
and while they are welcome to look at my website, if they want to see
wedding-specific images, they should contact me directly."

Check back with us over the next few days to see more of Carla's pictures- the cake, the escort cards (by my own stationer, Cheree Berry)- more to come!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Inn at Palmetto Bluff

Taking a break this week to catch up on some projects that need lots of attention, so we will leave you with pictures from one of our favorite weddings at the Inn at Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton, South Carolina. We love the ceremony options- either a sweet white chapel by the riverside or the village square surrounded by towering oak trees. See more pictures here.
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{photos from Palmetto Bluff}

Mark Staff Photography has several beautiful slideshows from Palmetto Bluff weddings on his website, but this one really stole our attention- yes, that is Reese Witherspoon as a beautiful bridesmaid in yellow (top right photo, far left). And the cake looks inspired by Martha's dogwood cake! See more pictures from the wedding here and here.
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{photos from Mark Staff Photography}

Friday, September 7, 2007

Blueberry Wedding

Just saw these wedding photos by Stacey Kane (via The Preppy Wedding) and fell in love! We love all the blueberry details on the stationery and especially on the cupcakes, all designed by Kate Parker of Kate Parker Weddings...see the full slideshow here.
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{photos by Stacey Kane}

Athenaeum Press

Love this slightly retro/slightly preppy letterpress wedding invite from Athenauem Press, thanks to Little Lined Notebook for introducing us! Especially love the red and blue, the letterpressed houndstooth pattern, and the argyle monogram- it's like modern Charlie Brown chic!
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{photos from Anthenaeum Press}

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Checkerboard Ballrooms

There is something so appealing about a black and white checked floor- in my old apartment my kitchen was checked and I think I rented it based on that alone! Love the contrast also of the black and white with tiffany-blue fabric on the left (a Soiree event, of course!) and the turquoise walls in the middle. We tend to like bigger squares in wedding pictures- they immediately make a dance floor look more fun!
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{L to R: Brides, Brides, Soiree Charleston}

Nautical Details

We are loving these nautical details for a wedding- the little white chocolate flags on the cake, the flag escort & place cards, the cupcake flags- and cute sailboat sugar cookie favors to send off the guests! The contrast of the primary colors looks so fresh amongst all the soft pastels we normally see at weddings (which we love also- don't get us wrong!)...
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{Left column from Brides, middle and right columns from Rebecca Thuss}

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Love, Freddy & Ma

A few days ago we posted about the new service for brides at Freddy & Ma, and now they are offering our readers 20% off any of the bags on their site from now until the end of September with the code FAYEGREER. And brides always get 20% when you order 5 or more of their clutches. If you are stumped on which bag to go for, check out their blog for some great ideas- we especially love the "Bag of the Day" where Freddy & Ma style a whole outfit around one of their bag designs!
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Albertine Press

Based out of Boston, this letterpress design and print shop does everything from save-the-dates to baby announcements- all of it unique and just a little eccentric. We especially love the escort cards on the top right, where each table featured a drawing of a favorite place in Central Park like Bethesda Terrace and Alice in Wonderland.
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{photos from Albertine Press}

Orange and Chocolate

So it definitely doesn't feel anywhere close to fall yet for us, but it seems like after Labor Day everyone is in the mood for fall. While we are not huge fans of orange and black for a Halloween-inspired wedding, we do love this combination of orange and chocolate, in cakes as well as flowers. The bouquet and table centerpieces of orange dahlias and chocolate-brown cosmos are just a perfect color combination for a modern fall wedding. Also check out the orange dahlia wreaths worn by these flower girls (photos by Liz Banfield).
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{L to R: bouquet from Brides, cake from InStyle Weddings, reception from The Knot}

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Faye is a favorite!

Although the inspiration board contest over on Style Me Pretty is over, Faye still feels like she won because her board was picked as one of Abby's favorites! Read more about it here and here.
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{photo from MS via Brooklyn Bride's flickr pool}

Needle + Thread Invites

We are loving all of the stitched details that keep popping up on invitations lately. Fabric envelopes and pockets allow you to add pattern and color without muddying up the actual invite, so you can mix the formality of a simple invitation with the casual warmth that comes from the handmade detail. Even though they are intended to look handmade and sweetly imperfect, they can still set the tone for a rustic wedding, a modern garden ceremony, or even a more formal event.
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{Clockwise, L to R: Brides, Bird & Banner, Gingham invite by Chelsea, Bird & Banner}

Friday, August 31, 2007

Hamptons Style

It's labor day weekend! Feeling inspired by the prospect of a lazy and long weekend, I keep going back to look at these pictures from the Hamptons taken by The Sartorialist for Click here to see the full slideshow.
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{L to R: Eva Prinz, Lauren Bush, and Mandy Moore from}

Wouldn't it be fun to be a guest at wedding with this kind of laid-back elegance- sort of like a Gatsby-style event with croquet, melon balls, and lots of women wearing big, floppy hats (for Faye, she loves hats)? That is the kind of country club wedding I would actually want to go to...
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{Top: Brides, invitation from Bird & Banner, MS Weddings;
Middle: croquet set on Oh How Charming!, Calico cake from MS Weddings, bouquet by Ariella Chezar;
Bottom: picture from, dress from MS Weddings, melon balls from Martha}

Enjoy your lazy long weekend!

Ripe Tomatoes

Chelsea posted the most beautiful picture of a basket of organic, heirloom tomatoes from a wedding she recently worked on. The colors of the ripe tomatoes are so vibrant and juicy looking- they would look so pretty as centerpieces like Martha did, using baskets that look straight from the market (and cheap- $1.29 to $1.49 each!). We love this paired with placecards on a painted tin can or votive candle holder with breadsticks blooming out of it.
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{both pictures from MS Weddings: (L) tomato centerpieces, (R) breadstick placecards}

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Sorry for the lateness this morning, I am moving out of my apartment today and while my internet was cut off right on time at my old apartment, of course it was not hooked up as planned at the new place! Anyway, this post on of our favorite new blogs, Oh Happy Blog!, reminded me of these bicycle-themed invitations I bookmarked to share with you all. I especially love Heatherjeany's on the bottom right where the "Reception to follow" traces the back wheel of the bike! Oh well, enough prettiness, back to packing...
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{Top: (L) Austin Press, (R) Greenwich Letterpress; Bottom: both Heatherjeany}

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

May+Belle Calligraphy

Maybelle describes her lettering style as perfectly imperfect, but I wish my handwriting was imperfect like hers; I would love to learn calligraphy so I could make pretty little things like these...
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{images from May+Belle Calligraphy}

White Wedding Cakes

Some of the best white wedding cakes incorporate texture and a level of detail that really make an impact. Although I still love bright and colorful cakes, these are refreshing to look at, and for brides I think a white cake can be a relief- it goes with everything!
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{Clockwise, L to R: Dogwood cake from MS Weddings, cake by The Cake Girls, Appliqué cake from MS Weddings,
Danish modern cake by Lovin Sullivan, Pleated cake on Brides, Button cake from MS Weddings}

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mushroomy Things

Lately Faye and I are loving mushroomy things! These invites and cakes would be perfect for an outdoor wedding in the fall, and the Mushroomy Compliments card by Pearl & Marmalade (far right) would be a sweet card for your groom the morning of your wedding.
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{L to R: Greenwich Letterpress, Heatherjeany, Pearl & Marmalade}

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
{L to R: Meringue Mushrooms from MS Weddings, Marzipan Mushrooms from MS Weddings, Woodland Cake by The Cake Girls}

Monday, August 27, 2007

Don't forget to vote!

You can now vote for your favorite inspiration board from the second round of the contest on Style Me Pretty. Of course I voted for mom (Faye), whose picnic-style recommitment ceremony seems to have channeled a Martha Stewart Wedding without even knowing it! So don't forget to vote, even if you don't vote for Faye ;)
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{photo from frolic!}

Hot Air Balloons

This post from Oh Happy Day! on Friday reminded me of all the cute stationery I've seen lately with hot air balloons...
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{clockwise, L to R: Up Up and Away noteset by Pearl & Marmalade, Journey wedding invite by Austin Press, Journey envelope close-up by Austin Press, post wedding party invite by Sesame Letterpress}

Martha Stewart Photo Galleries

This might be old news, but over the weekend I noticed these little photo galleries from Martha Stewart Weddings where the pictures are not so itty bitty! Some of the content of their website is so small you can't see the painstaking details (which MS is all about), so we are happy to have these slideshows to browse since we are the unlucky few without back issues to sift through. They are a little difficult to navigate though, so we thought you might like links.

A Slice of Heaven- includes couture cakes, china cakes, and cakes decorated with flowers
All in the Details- includes guest books, seating cards, and place cards
Bridal Bouquets- includes roses, pink bouquets, colorful bouquets, and ribbons, wraps & details
Take One, Please- includes cookies, other sweet treats, and pretty packages
Style & Substance- includes tea length dresses, ball gowns, and slim sheaths
Gorgeous Gowns- includes photospreads Portrait of a Lady, Fashion A to Z, The Dress Atelier, and In Perfect Shape

These are non-wedding focused, but cute none-the-less...
Cutest Cupcakes
Summer Parties

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Friday, August 24, 2007

Freddy & Ma Weddings

Many of you have seen Freddy & Ma's custom handbags in magazines like InStyle and Lucky, and also recently on the arms of The Hills' cast! So Faye and I were excited to hear that they are expanding their custom handbag services to brides-to-be and bridesmaids, offering special customization services from helping brides design their own purse for the big day to providing pretty purses for your bridesmaids.

As part of this new service geared towards brides, they will offer exclusive colors you won't find on their website, or if you are really into matching colors, you can send them fabric swatches and they will find complementary hues to recolor any of the 750 existing prints (in the past some prints have even been designed by Oh Joy!, seen here and here) to match your palette. In addition, specialty custom options are available if you want to create custom variations of their prints to make each bag as unique as your bridesmaids. If you want to keep it subtle, they can line each bag in a different color. Or you can add Freddy & Ma to the guest list for bridal showers and bachelorette parties, and they promise to "coax out the inner handbag designer in everyone, and help friends and family design their very own purses" (limited to NY, San Francisco, and LA). Oh, and they are just really cute!
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{email brides[at]freddyandma[dot]com for more information, or call 917.514.5155}

Thursday, August 23, 2007

CeciNY Save-the-Dates

More pictures of the save-the-date designed by CeciNY used in the Nashville board below. Love the mix of cranberry and sage with the dogwood flowers, banjo, and guitar.
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And we love this save-the-date for a winter wedding in Beaver Creek, Colorado...
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Nashville Inspiration Board

I was a conspirator on another board posted on Style Me Pretty this morning- this one was cooked up with my officemates in our cell with no windows that equals an office for four people. So I thought I would give you guys the breakdown of where the photos came from!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
{Top: photo by Lisa Lefkowitz, invite by CeciNY, photo by Lisa Lefkowitz;
Middle: chandelier on Brides, cake and bouquet from Rebecca Thuss;
Bottom: "Thanks Ya'll" favors from The Knot bio for AliKay, dress on Brides, reception photo by Mel Barlow}

Faye's Picnic-Inspired Recommitment Ceremony

Yay for Faye- her inspiration board is up on Style Me Pretty today! She combined a bunch of photos we have posted on the blog in a pretty sweet proud of her, how do you think she did? If you knew Faye, you would think this really expresses her personality- she is bubbly, always optimistic, and says "bless your heart!" (and really means it) at least 12 times a day.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
{Top: bouquet by Enchanted Florist, BCBG dress photo by Paul Johnson, cake from Lovin Sullivan;
Middle: invitation from Sesame Letterpress, cupcakes from Brides, escort cards by CeciNY;
Bottom: ring pillow photo by Lisa Lefkowitz, table setting on The Knot, watermelon on flickr}

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

On the short side

Faye and I both flipped for this BCBG dress in the store, but unfortunately the one color dress I could not buy was white since I was shopping for a wedding. But seeing the dress again here reminded us of how cute it would be for a casual wedding or a re-commitment ceremony (which I hope my parents do!). This bride makes the dress look chic, sophisticated and perfectly wedding-day appropriate. See more short bridal dresses on Brides.
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{photo from Paul Johnson Photography}

Winter Wedding Inspiration

My favorite inspiration board so far from round 2 of the contest on Style Me Pretty- beautiful job, Isis!
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Low Country Weddings

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
{photo from Brides}

We've had several requests for more destination ideas, so Faye researched two amazing plantations near Charleston, South Carolina for a low country wedding. We love the idea of having outdoor weddings under grand oak trees, access to the beach or lakes plus city amenities, and Charleston offers at least two historical plantations that meet all three ideals.

Drayton Hall Plantation
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{photo from Brides}
Drayton Hall Plantation has the rich feel of southern history, having been built in the 1730s. The double storied balconies and white columns look over streets with horse-drawn carriages where the drivers still wear suits and top hats. The towering oak tree in back is situated next to a pond and looks ideal for a late afternoon wedding.

Boone Hall Plantation
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{photo from flickr}
Another historic farm perfect for outdoor weddings is Boone Hall Plantation. With its oak-lined avenue leading to the property, even the entrance says southern hospitality. There is an open-air dock house to enjoy the sun setting. Cocktails can be enjoyed on the dock or inside and include their signature drink: “amaretto sunsets.” For any fans of "The Notebook", this is the house that acted as the summer house for Allie and her family; she and Noah broke up right in this driveway. Inside Weddings also featured a wedding at Boone Hall, view the slideshow here.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Champagne & Cake

Pictures we are loving this week for a friend's champagne and cake Friday night wedding...
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{Top: table setting designed by Oh How Charming! and photo by Aaron Delesie Photography, cake by April Reed, photo from Rebecca Thuss;
Middle: invitation by CeciNY, dress by J.Crew, photo from Rebecca Thuss;
Bottom: photo from MrsRobsButton, champagne and clutch on Brides}


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{moving card by Elum via Greer Chicago}

So, we are moving next week and I am getting more and more excited about setting up our first home together, but I was even more excited when I read on the Blue Orchid Blog that Abby of Abby Jean Press and Style Me Pretty is working on Style Me Domestic, a blog for the style-obsessed dweller! Awhile ago, she transformed a living room into a wedding so we can't wait to see what she comes up with in this new venture. In the spirit of nesting, here is my current wishlist for our new home...

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{Dwell Chinoiserie Bedding}

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
{all products from Anthropologie: owl salt & pepper shakers, rooster timer, bluebird grapefruit sugar bowl, yellow rose canister}

Monday, August 20, 2007

A Male Perspective

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{photo from Domino}
Every woman- bride, mother of the bride, girlfriend- should read this post on WeddingBee by Mr. Monkey. It's absolutely hilarious- I personally identify with #5, 7, and especially 8!

Minimalist Cake

I keep looking at this cake and I can't quite describe why I like it so much because I'm generally not a big fan of monogram cake toppers, but I think this cake design is modern, understated, and elegant.
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{photo by Paul Johnson Photography}