Monday, June 11, 2007

Boutonnière Amnesia

Faye and I were so preoccupied with bouquets for me and my bridesmaids that we completely forgot about the groom's flowers! So after our first meeting with the florist, we came home and found these pictures of boutonnières are little bit different and less traditional:
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{Top: (L) pink ranunculus from The Knot, (R) red dahlia from The Knot;
Bottom: (L) purple dahlia from Brides, (R) white orchid from Brides}

You can also browse The Knot photo galleries of boutonnières for more options. So the lesson is: don't get so wrapped up in your own details that you forget what your groom will look like at the end of the aisle!


Katie Orchid said...

I'm always a sucker for the orchid, obviously. ;) Dahlias do seem like a unique choice for boutonnieres.

Faye & Greer said...

I love the orchid too, but I also like the shape of the pom pom dahlia. Just read your post about toasters and it cracked me up- I could definitely identify!