Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Guest Book Ideas

Faye has been politely reminding me lately about the issue of the guest book, which I had previously dismissed because it seemed like another detail that would add to my stress level. So I have been politely ignoring her prompts until now. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of having something like that to always remember the day and the people who shared it with us. Here are some neat ideas for guest books- can anyone suggest other guest book ideas?
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{Top: envelope album from Brides, giant carnation from Brides;
Bottom (all from Martha Stewart Weddings): origami guest book, typewriter guest book, colorful cards}

I'm leaning towards the top guest book which the bride made with a Kolo photo album, using dogwood ink stamps and multi-colored mini envelopes from Paper Source. The giant carnation is pretty as well, but I'm wondering if people might like the idea of their notes being kept private in the little envelopes. Of course, all of Martha's ideas are so cute, but since everything will be set up outdoors, I am liking the idea of book so that none of my precious mementos will be blown away! So please help me decide by leaving a comment with your vote (especially you, Faye!)


Amber said...

Greer, this is Miss Kiwi!!! I just wanted to say how faaaabulous this blog is (both you and Faye!). Keep up the great work, and I'll be reading!

Amber said...

Oh, and I totally love the book/envelope idea, the clothesline looks very blowable, as does the pin-on idea. The typewriter may be time consuming for those who are standing in line for the "guest book" (like I did last weekend!), and the fishbowl idea is cute, but I love the envelope one.

Faye & Greer said...

Hi and welcome! I'm glad you agree- I was actually just calling mom right now to pow wow on this issue :) Thanks for the tip about the typewriter- I can definitely imagine a traffic jam there, which would probably mean less personal notes. Thanks for the advice!

Aimee said...

I second the vote for the teeny envelopes--just think how much fun it will be to pull each one out after your wedding. If I were making one for myself, I would use vellum envelopes and cards with a printed back so a little bit of colour/well wishes would peek through the envelope. :)

I love your blog, and have sent it to my mom and sister--they are in Michigan, I am in California, and we are trying to plan my sister's wedding together. I think the idea of having a blog together is super fantastic! I have been emailing them links back and forth, but posting is so much easier to keep track off.

Also, you girls feature some of my favorites too--I have been in love with April Reed cakes for a looooong time. :) You are on my daily reads now!

Jodi said...

I love the book/envelope idea. I think I may just steal it :) I think I'll lay out the envelopes and cards and just attach them to a book later...we'll see what develops!