Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yoga for Moms

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Warning: dates on the calendar may be closer than they appear! While Oprah claims she has always hated exercise, dreading exercise for me happened sometime between ages 55 and 59. But with Greer’s wedding date approaching, I knew I had to find a workout I would stick to and Yoga seemed more my style than any other options. I started researching fitness centers and found that Yoga classes can get very pricey, especially if you do not plan to use the whole gym. I located a fitness center in nearby office complexes and discovered one of the best-kept secrets in fitness: big businesses financially support exercise facilities to encourage employees to keep in better shape. These centers often welcome the public to join for very reasonable prices, and classes are generally scheduled to accommodate lunch hours and start up again within 15 minutes of finishing normal work days. Costs tend to be one-third the price of private gyms and facilities are often quite comfortable. Most importantly, don’t be intimidated to show up to these classes if you are new to Yoga- the instructors often give you several options for each pose so you can do what feels most comfortable and work up to the more advanced positions.

My yoga instructors start and end every session with sit still; it is enough to show up at the mat. This is one time when you can actually grow stronger at your own pace. I enjoy my new shape having lost 3 dress sizes even though the weight change seems minimal. Not only that, but the back and neck pain I used to always experience is so much improved that I can tell a difference when I skip my class. My whole family is surprised at my dedication to attending classes because I did not always look forward to exercise. If you choose to investigate this option, make sure that the instructors are trained and certified through professional yoga teaching facilities. I try not to ever miss showing up on the mat but will augment classes if necessary with video tapes. The pretzel position is still a challenge but no longer a threat- and the wedding cake tasted great!

Namaste, Faye

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