Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Carla + Pete: Jump Photos

We are so excited about the next few posts! Carla Lane is an extremely talented interior designer who, lucky for us, was also recently married. The pictures from her wedding at the Parker Palm Springs (also featured in Brides California) are equally as creative as her work, so we can't wait to share them all over the next few days.

Carla and Pete had a digital photo set up against a huge backdrop and the guests all jumped! Carla said that this series of photographs is "hands down the best pix from my wedding", and we can see why! In the first photo, the guy in the seersucker suit and matching seersucker Converse sneakers is Carla's brother and that's the same outfit all of the groomsmen wore. Carla's now husband, Pete, is a professional photographer, which she says can keep the costs down for setting up these "Jump" photos.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
{photos by Roman Cho}
***please note***
The majority of Roman's work is in the commercial and entertainment field and his website reflects that. Since he does not shoot weddings on a
regular basis and does not advertise myself as such, the weddings he does
shoot tend to be of friends and acquaintances (such as Carla and
Pete's). Depending on what the bride and the groom are looking for, Roman says that "I can
shoot either in a very simple manner- photojournalist-like,
fly-on-the-wall, observer telling the story of the wedding or I bring
in my studio experience and build a complex studio-on-location and
capture high-quality photos with sophisticated lighting a la Carla's
photos. Please let your readers know that I am available for weddings
and while they are welcome to look at my website, if they want to see
wedding-specific images, they should contact me directly."

Check back with us over the next few days to see more of Carla's pictures- the cake, the escort cards (by my own stationer, Cheree Berry)- more to come!


teaorwine said...

A fabulous idea for a wedding...i must keep it tucked away. Soooo beats the static, posed photos taken by many photographers.

Lisa said...

Welcome Back! I've been checking every day to see when you'd start posting again.

Love these pics. Thanks for sharing.

perfect bound said...

Best to jump before or after cocktails? Either way, this is genius. Glad you're back Faye & Greer. We missed you!

Maggie said...

Awesome! My husband and I left polaroid cameras and blank pages for our guests to create a fun guest book, which was great - but this is so fun and creative. It's also nice to see that people really got into it. That couple must get a huge laugh every time they look at their photos. I'll be sharing this idea with friends of mine. Thanks for sharing those great pictures!