Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Let's do it all over again!

A few weeks ago I posted some really pretty pictures from a Napa Valley wedding featured on So yesterday I was browsing through the real weddings on Brides, and I stumbled upon two eerily familiar smiling faces...
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{(L) Napa wedding, (R) Webster, MA wedding}

This is just fascinating to me: they had a destination wedding with a Mexican feast in Napa, then had another wedding at a lakeside campground near Boston...both of them publish-worthy! There were some repeats, like the dress (above, which I would have been so paranoid about keeping clean and pristine if I knew I had to wear it again), the bride's hairstyle with silk dogwood flowers, and the guestbook using mini business card envelopes...
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{Top: (L) Napa, (R) Massachusetts; Bottom: (L) Napa, (R) MA}

What I love about the second wedding is that the bride designed the theme around the ridiculously long name of the lake where they said their vows (the second time)...are you ready for this? Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg. I love how she printed it on napkins, the pages in guest book, and it was even written around the cake!
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{photos from Brides}

Did you, or have you known anyone, who had two full weddings? Faye, you up for it? :)


Emma said...

Bloody heck!

I MIGHT have another reception in the US after our wedding in Sweden(where he's from and where we live) NO Way I would want to do two BIG weddings

Bride of Rochester said...

well, now i certainly need to have two weddings! of course, that won't be for quite a while because we'll have to recover from our first one first. I'm having so much fun planning it, that i don't know what i will do when it is over!

Whimsy said...

I'm about to do it... just finished a destination wedding at, of all places, the Burning Man festival. It was a full-on wedding with all the trimmings: fancy dress, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowergirl, cupcakes and cocktails reception! It was beautiful and perfect, but since none of our family could be there, we're doing another wedding next summer! And I can't wait to do it all over again!